Next-Gen Marketing

We possess a deep understanding of the social inner workings within the blockchain industry. We guide the customization of marketing packages to fit diverse goals and needs.

Whitepaper Composition

We collaborate with clients to ensure their project is relayed in a technically sound format that is well received by the blockchain community.

Community Sentiment Manipulation

Community is the lifeblood of the blockchain space. We guide the public narrative through active social engagement across all public channels.

Influencer Outreach

We discover individuals with influence in the blockchain industry and work to secure the public backing of those entities for clients.

Additional Services

Facilitated internally and through our subsidiaries and partners.

Full Service Marketing Management

ResoNova offers a suite of marketing options long after the time for a marketing campaign has ended, we aid existing marketing departments or even make up for the lack thereof.

Targeted Social Engineering

One of the building blocks of any good marketing department is the ability to leverage public and private groupspeak of client products, a task that ResoNova offers as part of our marketing strategies.

Reputation Management

It is important to know your audience, but even more so that your audience know you, which is why we offer a full suite of reputation management services to introduce your product to the medium and safeguard it from unwarranted negativity.

Press Releases

Keeping everyone informed to changes to client products and services is important, which is why we specifically tailor media and press releases to keep consumers up to date with goings on within our company and our clients.

Article Series

As a means of maintaining information, ResoNova offers insightful options to produce article series so client consumers stay in the know.

Targeted Media Buys

As part of our promotion of client projects, ResoNova carefully selects, negotiates, and purchases media and ad space prior to any launch to bolster hype and awareness of coming products.

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