Industry Intelligence

We actively collect data and run extensive research and analysis on all major aspects of the blockchain industry. Our team works to equip clients with industry intelligence that will give them a powerful competitive edge.

Blockchain Research

Our dedicated team of blockchain data scientists capture and process millions of real-time data points every day. We use this data to help our clients gain powerful insight into the inner workings of market manipulation, social sentiment origin detection, and cryptocurrency economics.

Market Intelligence

We maintain a vast database of key entities participating in the blockchain space. We routinely leverage this information to provide our clients with detailed knowledge about their evolving competitive landscape.

Data Acquisition & Analysis

Our data scientists obtain and analyze intelligence within clients' industries and utilize that data to generate reports which provide our clients with actionable, data-driven guidance.

Additional Services

Facilitated internally and through our subsidiaries and partners.

Web & Social Network Scraping

Graphical Data Representation

High Frequency Trading Automation

Significant Event Detection

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