Industry Intelligence

Knowledge is power and those who possess blockchain industry knowledge are few in number.

We actively collect data and run extensive research and analysis on all major aspects of the blockchain industry. We work to equip clients with industry intelligence that will give them a competitive edge.

Blockchain Research

We collect and analyzes real-time data to help clients stay ahead of their competitors in a rapidly expanding blockchain industry.

Industry Intelligence

We maintain a vast database of key entities participating in the blockchain space. This information is routinely applied to provide clients with deep insights into the evolving competitive landscape.

Data Acquisition & Analysis

Our data scientists obtain and analyze intelligence within clients' industries and utilize that data to generate reports which provide guidance to clients' projects.

Additional Services

Facilitated internally and through our subsidiaries and partners.

Web & Social Network Scraping

A means of gathering much needed information is harvesting it from applicable websites and social media, which is a part of ResoNova’s in depth marketing suite.

Graphical Data Representation

In order to make certain that all parties are as informed as possible, we collocate and break down information in a way that is visually informative and educational.

Industry Research

Knowing your industry is the first step to launching into it, we perform complex analytics and research into our clients’ markets and endeavors in order to make the wisest possible movements.

Competitor Identification

Knowing your rivals is the lynchpin to any quality competition roadmap, we research whom may or may not pose competition to our clients as to best know how to leverage the market.

Competitor Strengths & Weaknesses

Part of (if not the most important part of) knowing your competition is understanding where they excel and where they fall short so we can make the most impactful choices when competing in client marketplaces.

Overcoming Competition

The final step of facing competition is producing a superior product that will prove to be more worthwhile than our clients’ competitors.

Predictive Indicator Discovery

As we recognize the complex patterns of the market, we alert our clients to potential shifts in market structure, consumer trends, and regulatory information to ensure all parties are as informed as possible.

Regulatory Analysis

Knowing which choices are allowed by international law is vital to any endeavor, which is why we perform in depth research into existing and potential rulings to ensure that no law is breached with products we create.

Complex Pattern Recognition

Understanding subtle nuances of such a mercurial worldspace is vital to staying ahead of the competition, part of our services involves the understanding of markets and our ability to recognize the flow of the worldspace.

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