The practical application of ideal solutions that bring about a positive benefit to consumers.


Creating unique and relavant products that exhibit a powerful value proposition and launching those new products in the most effective way possible.

Recommended Resources

• Collaborative idea organization software
• Target industry research

Use Case

Real estate management company creates an effective mobile-friendly application to improve tenant satisfaction and retention.


Critically assessing new innovations to discover potential solutions to existing problems in an industry.

Recommended Resources

• Expert advice
• Benefit-cost ratio framework

Use Case

Healthcare provider explores the benefits of using blockchain to securely manage patient healthcare records.


Integrating beneficial innovations into existing processes while minimizing transition cost and maximizing workforce education.

Recommended Resources

• Transition cost assessment
• Professional workforce training

Use Case

Financial services provider wants to improve internal security practices and schedules security training for all internal staff.


Forgot your password? You shouldn't be able to memorize it in the first
Forgot your password? You shouldn't be able to memorize it in the first place.

We have all experienced the frustration that comes from being told that we entered the wrong password. The problem is, a password that can be memorized is a password that can be hacked.

Get Started with Waves
Get Started with Waves

Waves Platform is a global, decentralized blockchain platform. They offer easy-to-use, highly functional tools to make blockchain available to everyone.

Analysis of Axe Scented Products
Analysis of Axe Scented Products

An analysis on the colors, descriptive words and ingredients used in Axe scented prodcuts for market research purposes.


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