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The decentralized structure of blockchain technology provides a vast array of powerful and simple solutions which were never before thought possible.

We empower and launch new blockchain ventures and equip established businesses with the competitive advantages of blockchain. Blockchain is an emerging technology that possesses many competitive advantages for both small startups and large corporations. We are accelerating the blockchain industry by making it accessible, applicable, and understandable.

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Equip your company with the competitive advantages and disruptive powers of blockchain technology.

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We provide expertise, guidance, and direction for tailored implementation of blockchain technology within any industry. With our client’s mission as the main priority, we forge a path to succeed using blockchain.


We actively collect data and run extensive research and analysis on all major aspects of the blockchain industry. We work to equip clients with industry intelligence that will give them a competitive edge.


We possess a deep understanding of the social inner workings within the blockchain industry. We guide the customization of marketing packages to fit diverse goals and needs.


Our development team has a deep level of coding knowledge. This robust knowledge base enables us to take what our client wants built and translate it into a language that developers can easily understand and build.

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William Thompson - Founder and Lead Consultant

William Thompson

Founder and Lead Consultant
Natalie James - Consultant and Director of Operations

Natalie James

Consultant and Director of Operations
Cameron Patrick - Consultant & Dir. of Business Intelligence Ops

Cameron Hensley

Consultant & Dir. of Business Intelligence
Parker Michael - Blockchain Consultant

Parker Michael

Consultant & Team Administrator
Yifan Wang - Blockchain Data Scientist & Web Analyst

Yifan Wang

Blockchain Data Scientist & Web Analyst
Lifu Zhang - Junior Blockchain Data Analyst & Development Administrator

Lifu Zhang

Jr. Blockchain Data Analyst & Dev Administrator


Alex Hilbert - Financial Markets & Compliance Advisor

Alex Hilbert

(Financial Markets & Compliance Advisor)
President & CEO of Hilbert Financial Group
Bill Ulivieri - Financial Markets & Compliance Advisor

Bill Ulivieri

(Financial Markets & Compliance Advisor)
Managing Director of Cenacle Capital Management
Natalia Tokar - Founder & CEO of UpSkillMe. Director of Business Development for MyBit.

Natalia Tokar

(Business Development & Communications Advisor)
Founder & CEO of UpSkillMe
International Speaker & Cross-Cultural Negotiation Expert


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