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We are committed to advancing the success of our clients by providing data-driven guidance and facilitating the adoption of innovative technology into everyday business. We are globally-minded, tenacious, meticulous, intentional, and will do whatever it takes to achieve business mission success while promoting individual freedom and transcendence.


ResoNova International Consulting is a business consulting firm based in Atlanta, Georgia. Since our launch in 2016, we have worked with clients across a wide range of industries including finance, oil and gas, health care, blockchain, and government.

We empower new ventures and equip established businesses with the competitive advantages of innovative technology, business intelligence, and critical professional insights. We isolate problems and create strategic solutions that are driven by data, research, technology, and our robust network of professional advisors. Through everything that we do, our team is dedicated to building solutions that directly contribute to our clients' business success.


Our team's collective professional experience and pallet of specialized skill sets have given us the ability to provide well-rounded service to a wide range of different companies and projects. We deliver maximum value in these areas of expertise.

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